Why we show up....


We seek to revolutionize the veterinary industry by establishing a service culture that supports both staff and clients by providing constant quality, compassionate medical care to enrich the lives of people and animals.


Be the nation’s leading veterinary hospital in efficiency, innovation, and client satisfaction by continually improving every process that encompasses animal healthcare.

Core Values:

  • Provide the best possible experience for every patient, every time by being hyper-vigilant about patient monitoring and compassionate nursing care.

  • Provide an authentic trusting and comforting relationship with every member of a patient's family

  • Provide a center where every treatment solution is explored with the medical team and patient's family in a respectful and open-minded atmosphere

  • Provide a work environment filled with selfless and kind team players who always take into consideration the impact their decisions and actions will have on those around them

  • Provide a work environment where every person is accountable for ALL daily responsibilities and invested in finding operative solutions

 Please come visit us in Watford City, ND, or Butte, MT.

Here is our founder, Dr. Bruce Pedersen, talking about what veterinary medicine means to him: