Referral Services for Veterinarians

VetExperts works with referring DVMs to provide the best possible care for referred patients, as well as the highest level of care and support for them and their clients.


The hospital operates on an appointment basis with emergencies welcomed. Either referring veterinarians or clients can telephone/email the clinic to make an appointment. Cases will be assigned to a clinician in the most appropriate area and seen as quickly as possible.


Referrals for emergencies or specialty cases are not required; however, we always recommend that clients first consult with their family veterinarian in order to receive initial guidance.

Referral Policy

We see ourselves as an extension of the family veterinarian, so once the patient is under our care, we will confer with you on any questions that we may have to ensure the patient receives appropriate care. We will continue to maintain contact with you until the patient is recovered and can be transferred back to your care. At that time, we will transfer updated medical records and radiographs back so that your records are complete.

Referral Services List