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Olivia Richardson

Veterinary Technician
Watford City, ND

Olivia started at WCVC as our amazing grooming assistant, it was very quickly apparent that she had a special touch for dogs. Olivia then started working extra shifts and was added to our all-star a boarding team. Olivia aspires to become a vet tech and rehabilitation tech saying she's "always wanted to find a job where she could work with animals." Olivia is from Michigan and moved to Watford City in July of 2016. On Olivia's first day working at the vet center she fell in love with one of the strays we had available for adoption, one week after adopting lacy she was back at the Vet center in Emergency care. Lacie had fluid in her lungs caused from having heartworm for so long and Olivia has taken such amazing care of her during her recovery from surgery and the treatments. Needless to say we feel she is a perfect fit working at WCVC!